Greek life hosts town hall meeting

The Fort Hays State University Greek life hosted a town hall style meeting on Monday addressing the new residential housing complex that will be constructed by August 2016.

During the meeting, the reasoning for the new housing was discussed.

“There is a need for a new living and learning environment for Greek life,” said FHSU President Edward Hammond, adding that the new housing would allow the Greek chapters to expand and recruit more members.

Many Greek members are thrilled about the new residential housing plan, as it would allow the Greek chapters to live next to hundreds of first-time freshmen, who could be interested in affiliating with their houses.

“What this will do for students on campus, is it will make the current dorm houses less clustered. They will be able to put quite a few students over in the housing for the living and learning communities, and also, it will make our campus a little bit larger and have a more expanded and open feel,” said Kyle Mayor, Broken Bow, Neb. junior and Interfraternity Council President.

For Mayor’s fraternity, Sigma Phi Epsilon, the new residential housing means actually having a Greek house to call home.

“Currently, my fraternity does not have a house. So this will give us an easy way to get a house and it will benefit our recruitment, greatly. It will allow us to have a central point to come back to, right now we’re sort of scattered. This will let us have a central place to call our own, if we do choose to join in on the housing,” Mayor said.

The new complex would allow the Greek chapters to live closer to one another and, in return, better the community atmosphere between the houses.

“I think it will be very good for campus. It never hurts to expand your housing set, it will allow the school itself to recruit better,” Mayor said.

During the Town Hall meeting, positive impacts of the new structure were also discussed. With a new residential housing complex, more parking will be added, and additional rooms will allow the student body to expand.

It was also stated that the new housing would not be very far from campus. Jacob Ternes, coordinator student involvement and greek life, said the walking distance from the new complex to the quad, would be almost the same as walking from Weist to the quad.

“With the new Greek housing, it will allow the Greek like to actually be on campus, and have a good presence. It will help with recruitment to Fort Hays and also promote growth within Greek life,” Mayor said.

There are over 200 members involved with Greek life at FHSU. This accounts for over seven percent of the student body.

Mayor began his term as IFC president this semester, and has been a member of the Greek system for over two years.

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