Trump Administration’s International Travel Ban

During his presidency, Donald Trump signed a lot of executive orders. One of these orders was a ninety-day ban on people from Muslim countries entering the United States. The countries listed include: Syria, Sudan, Iran, Somalia, Libya, and Yemen. This decision impacted a lot of people, including some from Fort Hays State University.

When Fort Hays hires a new faculty member from a foreign country, they go through a process for a type of visa that lasts for three years. After the three years was up, the college would renew it for another three years. Recently, the approval process is taking even longer now because of the travel ban. Currently, FHSU does not have any faculty from the seven countries on the travel ban list, but the teachers that do have green cards, are limited in the aspect that they cannot go see their families for a while.

As for students, FHSU does not have students from any of the six countries on Trump’s list.


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