Bobbi McCollum, an online Fort Hays State University student, came up with an invention called the Goldilocks Valve. She was originally a journalism student but decided to live the stories instead of telling them. So she changed her major to nursing. The Goldilocks Valve helps regulate respiratory rate, volume, and pressure for individual patients. This is important because a lot of patients hyperventilate during cardiac arrest. This is an invention that keeps them stable and is very inexpensive to produce. Patients also avoid lung strain as well as neurological damage. Adjustments can be made by turning the valve to make sure patients get the right amount of air pressure to keep them stable. The patent for this invention is currently pending and has not yet been verified by the Food and Drug Administration. Bobbi hopes to change that by telling as many people as she can about the Goldilocks Valve so that it can change an area of the medical field and how some treatments are done.

Due to this awesome invention, attention was brought to it. Bobbi McCollum got invited to be on the show “Make Me a Millionaire Inventor.” The show airs on Thursday, October 6th at 10pm ET/PM on CNBC.

To learn more about the Goldilocks Valves or stay up to date on the project, you can go to their website Goldilocks Valves. To check out “Make Me a Millionaire Inventor” go to CNBC.

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