Wave Spotlight – JusMax

For TMN and The Wave, I’m Tim Abrams.

Hey, hey! This is the end of the line. That’s right, we will no longer be doing spotlights. But don’t cry just yet, The Wave is not going anywhere. So for now, wipe those tears away and sit tight. The last stop on the Wave Spotlight train is an awesome artist called – JusMax.

I remember this video shoot very well. Hip-hop and The Wave have always been a good mix. It is easier for us since at Hammond Hall we have state of the art recording booths that capture amazing audio. In fact, our first ever performance was done in the exact same room as this. A similar setup, but don’t worry – the video is very different.

It was a quiet Saturday morning when we walked into Hammond Hall to record with JusMax. We grabbed all the equipment and set up pretty fast, all while JusMax was performing outside in the lobby. I remember hearing him get his lines together, and I thought “Hmm, I think this is the first time he has ever performed this”. To most producers, that is usually a sign of caution, but as soon as we got him into our studio and started to record, I knew this was going to be a huge video.

Just for some background information, JusMax is originally from Kansas City, MO.  If you visit his Facebook page, you will see this short description: “I love music. When I stop loving the process, I’ll stop writing. Until I’m a give it all I got”. To me, having met JusMax in person, this is a great way of describing him. He is a very positive person who puts off the most positive vibes I have ever felt.

Most of our videos we rely on editing tricks to make it more appealing – but for this performance, there was none needed. Once we had a rough cut, we knew this was going to be one of our best performances in the show’s history. When I had to put a few videos in order for this spotlight series, I knew this would be among them. Not only is the video great, but the music is just – sublime. That might be what really artsy people and critics say about music (or art in general) but this video was the final turning point. After making this, we knew we could make amazing shows.

If you are wondering if JusMax looks familiar, it might be because he is frequently featured on TMN because of his involvement in the FHSU community. He does everything from community service to free football camps for underage kids. An amazing artist, and a truly awesome person – there is no better way to end our spotlight series than with JusMax.

That wraps up the last Wave Spotlight! As always to stay up to date on all things The Wave, check us out on Facebook and visit tmn.fhsu.edu for more. Thanks for reading, this has been a great experience. My whole professional video career has always revolved around music and local artists, so this series was a no-brainer for me. The Wave will try to live on, and hopefully, we will continue to bring more great music to the forefront of the inter-webs! We are searching for more bands in and around the Hays area, so feel free to contact us on our Facebook page.

JusMax: https://www.facebook.com/JusMax-194322804109479/?fref=ts

The Wave: https://www.facebook.com/thewavemusicshow/

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