KFHS Radio New Artist: New Found Land

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On her fourth album, the Berlin-based Swede Anna Roxenholt, a.k.a. New Found Land takes yet another step in the electronic direction, keeping her cool within the melodic and quirky pop songwriting that has become her trademark.

This time, however, the songs didn’t always necessarily emanate from Anna herself. “I allowed myself the luxury of nerding out on subjects I’ve never had a clue about before and, you know when you start to scratch the surface of things you almost always find interesting stuff underneath.”

Throughout the writing process, Anna found herself getting a lot of inspiration from ancient myths & tales, from heretical Swedish love spells to Eastern Sufism, European fire rituals and Egyptian curses to Pythia, the prophetic Oracle of Delphi—who has given the opening track its name.

As a result of these departures, each of the twelve individual chapters breath refreshingly undefinable air. Captivating melodies blended with mystical flair and heavy beats make Lore an accessible, yet never obvious long play.

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