TMN Radio New Artist: Suit of Lights

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Suit of Lights is an American music group founded by Joe Darone. Described as genre-defying, Suit of Lights artfully blends elements of 60’s pop, punk, progressive rock, metal, jazz, and baroque pop.

At an early age, Joe Darone dedicated his life to making art and music. Darone’s career as a drummer took him everywhere from CBGB’s to The Fillmore, from opening for The Ramones in his punk band, The Fiendz, to touring with Echo & The Bunnymen with The Rosenbergs.

Darone is also a visual artist, creating artwork for the likes of Madonna, Agnostic Front, and Van Halen under the name Zeckle. He continues to create the album artwork for each Suit of Lights release.

In 2003, Darone began focusing on songwriting, and Suit of Lights was born. Not satisfied to stand still creatively, each new Suit of Lights album is a new musical adventure. “Some bands go for 30 years with one sound, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But that’s boring to me,” Darone says. And so, fans have come to expect change from Suit of Lights.

“Amazing,” “Brilliant,” “Beautiful,” and “Truly great” are some of the words critics have used to describe Suit of Lights’ previous releases. Break Open the Head is the follow-up to the band’s critically-acclaimedShine On Forever, which was included in “Top Albums of the Year” lists from Brooklyn’s The Big Takeover to the UK’s Instrumental. Break Open the Head, produced by Tim ‘Rumblefish’ Gilles, is a bold, energetic leap forward, at once dense and challenging yet very accessible and insanely catchy. The lyric writing contains the most positive message to date: “honor your higher self.”

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