Choose to be Happy for the Holidays

By Wyatt Fullmer

With Christmas and a New Year right around the corner, how will you spend your holiday season?  This holiday season go out of your way to be happy and spread joy.  Whether that means helping someone with their groceries or shoveling someone’s sidewalk, go the extra mile for people.  Let us all remember this Christmas season that it is a time to spread love and happiness among friends, family, and even strangers.

Christmas season seems to be the one time of the year where everyone is a little bit nicer and more thoughtful of the people around them.  It is a challenge to be a positive, upbeat, giving person all of the time; however, people tend to strive much harder to be those things and more during Christmas time.  One of the greatest challenges we face in life is empathy for our fellow man.  Many people will say, “He is probably homeless because of the decisions he made,” without actually knowing the circumstances that have brought that person to where they are.  We can better understand our fellow brethren by placing ourselves in their shoes and taking the time to listen.  I challenge you this holiday season to take notice of the people around you and to lend a helping hand to a family member, neighbor, or even a stranger and see how it makes you feel.  Also, see how it makes someone else feel to be thought of or helped out.  It might just lead to them passing along the favor to someone else and that is what spreading holiday cheer is all about.

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