Tombs, Tombs, and more Tombs in Tomb Raider
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At pretty much no point when I was playing Tomb Raider on PlayStation 4 did I not stop and say to myself, “dang, I should do a review for TMN.” Lara Croft’s reboot of a franchise that started back in the PlayStation 1 and Sega Saturn days has come a long way still meeting today’s expectations causing me to go from knowing nothing about this franchise to a new fan wanting to play other Tomb Raider games.

Nonetheless, playing through the Definitive Edition on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, compared to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions, is quite stunning. While the Xbox One can’t quite keep up with the PlayStation 4 in the frame rate department, due to the Xbox One’s underperformed processing power, both versions meet the expectations of the next-gen video games. Tomb Raider is still one of the best action adventure games today, close to what the Uncharted series accomplished, back on the PlayStation 3.

While this version has an improved graphics engine for next-gen consoles, don’t think that you are going to see a huge wow factor. In most regards this version only makes the game more visually appealing, but don’t expect the game to look like a full blown action movie; that is not what this game is supposed to be.

It’s still an excellent cinematic action game, on par with Uncharted back in 2007.

For fans of the series there is even more offered in the Definitive Edition. It includes all of the Downloadable content – though this isn’t as significant and addition as you might hope. One DLC includes an extra tomb to explore and other DLC that is mainly focused for multiplayer matches,

In terms of additional features the Definitive Edition has some nifty additions. One is the use of voice control through the Kinect and PlayStation Camera. By saying certain things like “bow” or “map” those that are said will come up that allow the player to use those certain features.

Though new control features and DLC alone don’t bring anything new to the table as this game is already a satisfying, thrilling action game, held together by an iconic, well known character with fast and intense combat along with breathtaking action set-pieces. The story takes you through Lara from an unknown rookie stranded on an island to the iconic character that gamers know today. Though the opening hours rely on cinematic clips, but it’s all for the sake of setting up the game and the story.

Tomb Raider Definitive Edition to me is an intense game with high paced combat a story that brings back an iconic character back to her roots and has a story that would make any developers very proud.

The Definitive Edition is available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One while the original version is available for PS3 and Xbox 360.

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