Galaxy S4 vs. HTC One: which is the best Android phone in the world?
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By Zach Epstein:

This phone (Galaxy S4) is impeccable. The way the back curves to sit perfectly in your hand; the way the glass face spills over the sides and continues the lines of the polished, chamfered edges; the way the micro-drilled holes that cover the speakers give the phone personality; all these fantastic design elements combine to create a truly unique and gorgeous smartphone.

Also, for those who often watch movies on their phones or who use them to play music through the loudspeaker.

"...there is no rival smartphone on the planet that comes anywhere close to matching the audio quality of HTC’s BoomSound speakers."

To read about the HTC One on gadget blogs, the software appears to be a major pain point. Many seem to feel that the HTC One with stock Android Jelly Bean sold directly from Google for $600 is the perfect smartphone because it combines HTC’s sleek hardware with Google’s “pure” vision of Android. For most users though, this is almost certainly not the case.

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