Air to Air Combat ( Air Combat for the PS1)
10our score

Few games can rival Warhawk, an original PlayStation game, for that awesome arcade flight simulator experience. Though, when looking at the graphics, they are very on par with Namco’s Air Combat. Now, people would assume that when playing Air Combat, on the original PlayStation, that it would suck, but graphics in the game are the best quality that you would see from this generation.

I can tell you from my own personal perspective, having a copy of the game, that this game from Namco can live up to even Warhawk’s reputation of the best flight simulator for the original PlayStation.

You are a mercencary fighting against terriosts trying to take over a nation, having to stop them from taking out oil refineries, performing bombings, while fending off attacks from the air and ground. Each mission pays you cold hard cash, allowing upgrades to your plane or upgrading to a new fighter like B-2 Stealth Bombers, F-14’s, Russian Migs, and F-22’s. Each has different strengths which you can use on specific missions.

The Stealth, for example, is perfect for attacking the city at night as compared to the other fighters which are needed for day missions. Also controls for the game are very simple and intivative with the d pad for controlling the fighter jet and using the face buttons for actions such as using the turrent guns mounted on the jet or for using the missles as secondary weapons.
Gameplay, one of Namco’s strengths, is rock solid in Air Combat. Attacks can be made from any angle, and the correct angle is often tantamount to your success in missions. All of your gauges (altitude, speed, compass, and artificial horizon) are present, and you can even commission a wing person to help out.

In terms of re-playability I would have to say that gamers are encouraged to play this game to you hearts content because when playing Air Combat. I have that sense ablity that this game is made for gamers who love playing flight simulators and action adventure games but with fighter jets for player to enjoy.

Also this is one of Namco’s games that spans multiple sequals on later generations of PlayStation with the recent release Ace Combat Infinity for the PlayStation 3 system however this game is no longer available to download to play on the PlayStation 3 system but I still ecourage gamers to play the original Air Combat on the PS1

Air Combat is a game that gamers need to pick up and have fun with no matter the type of day you are having but falters only when it comes to its graphics. The flickery images and bland colors do nothing to showcase the PlayStation’s graphics prowess. However, the gameplay more than makes up for the shoddy presentation. If you liked Warhawk, give Air Combat a look.

Score 10/10

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