Soccer Cleats are Scoring Goals at the World Cup

The World Cup in Brazil is not only keeping soccer fans on the edge of his or her seat, but also bringing some of the games greatest players together, wearing the most innovative cleats on the market.

Adidas, Nike, and PUMA all released new cleats specifically for the World Cup that would emulate the colors and “flair” associated with the Samba Nation.

Some say many of these colorful sneakers created by these major brands could possibly change the way soccer cleats are made forever.

Adidas-Battle-Pack-iso-viewAdidas’ line of soccer cleats called the “Battle Pack” is easily recognized by its monochromatic pattern and signature 3-stripe logo.

One sneaker in the line, called the Adidas F50 weighs a little under 5.3oz, making it one of the lightest cleats at the event. This lightweight shoe is comprised of hybrid leather, which molds to the athletes foot, giving them better stability and control.

While the Adidas Nitrocharge weighs 8.4 oz., which is slightly more than the Adidas F50, it does contain a rubber “Energy Sling” that stretches across the toe of the shoe. This allows players to grip, and kick the ball precisely when making long passes to teammates across the field.

Other cleats in the Adidas line include the Adidas Predator (9.8 oz.), and the Adidas 11Pro (7.9 oz.). Made famous by David Beckham, the Predator cleat is distinguished by the “Lethal Zones,” which provides ultimate ball control.
The Adidas 11Pro is considered to be one of the more “classy” shoes to take the field at the World Cup. Worn by players like England Midfielder, Frank Lampard and German captain, Philip Lahm, the cleats were a sure standout.

Nike Summer 2014 World Cup Boots (1)Nike also released multiple extraordinary cleats for the World Cup game.

Nike’s most ground-breaking cleat, the Magista, is coated by “Nike Skin,” that adds stability and protection for its players. Also extending above the ankle (almost like a high-top), the shoe hugs ones foot, enabling better control and stability.

The Nike Hypervenom may not have an “above the ankle” design, like the Magista, but instead has a bright reddish-orange color highlighted with a highlighter yellow Nike swoosh to symbolize a gold trophy.

Lastly in Nike’s line of cleats is the Mercurial Vapor Tropical Pack. Weighing 6.6 oz., the shoe represents the colors of Brazil, including, “Flash Line, Laser Orange, and Hyper Turquoise.” The neon colors are making these cleats a standout throughout the World Cup games.

Puma evoSPEED 2014 World Cup Tricks Boot (1)Another hard to miss cleat on the field is Puma’s evoPower. The shoes are designed with asymmetrical lacing to “enhance the shooting zone to give strikers a more accurate shot.” Unlike other cleats displayed at the world cup, the evoPower features two different colored shoes. The right shoe is pink, and the left blue, which allows bold players such as Italy’s Mario Balotelli to take the field in style.

Former FHSU soccer player, Kellen Griffin, Hays sophomore,  appreciates the high-top design.

“My favorite cleats would have to be the Nike Magista’s because they have support for the players’ ankles, which would really come in handy because I’ve had a lot of ankle problems in the past,” Griffin said.

“They look awesome,” said Tanner Staab, Hays junior.

For information about these one-of-a-kind soccer cleats, click here. 

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  1. Ken Moreno on June 27, 2014

    I just want one pair from the battle pack

  2. Ally Mkanga on June 29, 2014

    I like the soccer shoes. Big up.
    Am living in Tanzania. How can get one pair for my owner.

    A. Mkanga

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