Sleep hypnosis: A dream come true

When you hear the words sleep hypnosis you may think of some strange man waving a pocket watch back and forth in front of your face, saying in a creepy soft voice, “you are getting very sleepy,” however, this is just a silly image we have absorbed during our childhood from cartoons.

The truth is,  “Hypnosis is a state of inner absorption, concentration and focused attention. It is like using a magnifying glass to focus the rays of the sun and make them more powerful. Similarly, when our minds are concentrated and focused, we are able to use our minds more powerfully. Because hypnosis allows people to use more of their potential, learning self-hypnosis is the ultimate act of self-control,” according to the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

As college students, we all know of the struggle that is sleep. And not only sleep, but most college students struggle with anxiety, depression and poor concentration at some point.

“A growing number of studies show that hypnotherapy can treat headaches, ease the pain of childbirth, aid in quitting smoking, improve concentration and study habits, relieve minor phobias, and serve as anesthesia–all without drugs or side effects,” according to an article in Psychology Today.

So, I looked into this and did a little study of my own. I am a night owl, so going to sleep anytime before 2 a.m. is a little obnoxious, but I sat down on my living room floor at 10 p.m. and googled sleep hypnosis videos anyways.

The first few videos that popped up were Jody Whiteley’s. Based in Canada, her YouTube page has 59,944 subscribers and she has made well over 100 different meditation and hypnosis videos.Whether you want to get rid of anxiety and depression, remember your dreams, have a nice relaxing deep sleep, or lucid dream, she has a video for almost anything.

The idea behind lucid dreaming has been around for ages but became popularized after the movie Inception was released. When you have a lucid dream, you become aware that you are dreaming and you can take control of your dreams.

“A lot of it is about high awareness. Sometimes when you reach a level of higher awareness, you’re not very happy about what it is you’ve just become aware of. Some people find they’re having nightmares. They may have been having them all along and just not been aware of it.” said Whiteley. “So yeah, some people say, ‘This video gave me nightmares.’ But in my humble opinion, it might have been that they’ve always been having nightmares; they just didn’t know.”

Audra Shroeder from the DailyDot listened to one of Jody’s lucid dreaming videos.

“Before my cat interrupted, I hadn’t quite reached the chicken level of lucid dreaming, but I had experienced walking around a room, a stand-in for a part of my own subconscious. I’d joined the millions of people on YouTube exploring their own collective unconscious,” Shroeder wrote.

Personally, I love dreaming. However, I can rarely ever remember my dreams, so naturally I wanted to see if I could remember my dreams with one of these videos. I chose a video titled: Deep Sleep Hypnosis for Good Dreams you can Remember (dream recall).

I layed down on my living room floor with nothing but a pillow, and soon after I began to listen, I was knocked out. I ended up in my bedroom the next morning, so I know I can sleep-walk, but the exciting part was that I remembered every detail of the ever-changing dream I had, which I won’t tell you about because that’s personal.

And wow, was I refreshed! I am now a believer.

“A short session of hypnosis might lead to a better night’s sleep,” according to a Swiss study released in the HealthDay News last Thursday.

So while you sleep this summer, you might as well do it right, and have fun dream adventures. Then, as we enter the school year and the anxiety kicks in, we can kick it right back with hypnosis.


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  1. mark powlett on June 24, 2014

    Great to see that you were open minded and tried out hypnotherapy for yourself. It’s do relaxing to let yourself drift off abd helps all if your life. If you fancy trying my relaxation mp3 its on my website and free and you don’t gave to watch anything! :)

  2. Richard Haggerty on June 25, 2014

    Hi Jen, glad you found hypnosis so helpful. There are so many things hypnotherapy can be used for: anxiety relief, stress relief, deep relaxation, concentration, focus – just for a start. All of that either hinders or supports a good night’s sleep and I’ve done my best to make that accessible and free to all. Visitors can pick up 2 recordings to help them, one for anxiety and one to learn deep self-hypnosis. I’m doing a course on the “12 myths of hypnosis” to help readers understand what hypnosis is and is not (part #1 at After reading your article, you’ve made me think about giving away my advanced insomnia recording. I’ve noticed an increase amount of problems over the past few years with panic. financial hardship and stress leading to poor sleep. Self-Hypnosis can provide fast proven relief. Retweeted your article. Thanks for raising awareness! Richard

  3. Richard Haggerty on June 25, 2014

    Jen, I meant to say. I wrote an article a short while back with a protocol for helping with sleep problems and insomnia using hypnosis. It ties in nicely with your experience and gives some extra context. – Richard

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