T.H.C. jeans set to smoke the competition

Attention all Fort Hays State University males! Are your jeans cramping your style, and your manhood?

The Hot Child, otherwise known as “T.H.C.” is an up and coming men’s clothing brand that is turning heads with its “anatomically designed” jean, which keeps a man’s junk in mind.

The Hot Child Junk Jean, as they call it, features a “rounded gusset underneath the crotch so that a man’s anatomy will fall forward into the contour naturally, and not be forced to either side,” according to their website.

Complete with a copper 5-button codpiece fly, the T.H.C.s’ Junk Jean has a signature design that is made for men with the confidence to stand out.

Currently available in their signature indigo blue wash, the T.H.C.s’ Junk Jean runs true to size, and will cost you $149. While some may argue that the jeans are overpriced, the purchaser does get more than just a pair of jeans. With each pair of jeans purchased, a baby tree is planted in their name.

Also, included is a 2012 commemorative token, which is placed in a secret compartment for customers to locate.

courtesy of thehotchild.com

This simple and overdue concept has taken 24-year-old creator, Octavio Marc David Silva, over six years to perfect.
A recent graduate of the New York Acting for Film Academy, Silva was inspired by accident when he got his “you know what” caught in his zipper. Much like in the scene from “There’s Something About Mary”. However, Silva was not acting in this instance.

After this traumatizing moment, Silva decided to act and create what he considers to be “the first jeans made for a man.”

“It allows them to have some freedom of movement, and the only way I can really compare it is to having a comfortable bra-it’s the same for a man having a comfortable pair of jeans.” Silva’s mother, Catherine Williams, told The Daily Lot.

courtesy of thehotchild.com

So, will we begin to see these jeans on Fort Hays State University students?

With its distinctive design, students seem to be somewhat apprehensive about the jeans.

“I guess technically it’s a smart idea, and probably effective, but I’d never wear them,” Devin Schmidt, Hays senior, said.
“I’m willing to sacrifice comfort over looks.”

“I’m not sure if I’d personally wear them.” LaQuan Johnson, Colorado Springs, Colo, junior, said. “Whatever looks different, people tend to hate, and then eventually appreciate.”

So, give it some time, and we will possibly see more and more men rocking these one-of-a-kind jeans. Love it or hate it, the “bad-a** brand” will continue to design clothes for fashion-forward males who have the balls to be different.

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  1. Lars Treat on June 18, 2014

    Those jeans rock!

  2. Deb Andrews on June 18, 2014

    I think they are so sexy. I’m buying some for my boyfriend. He loves showing off! Its about time men came into focus!

  3. Ben on June 18, 2014

    These jeans look even better in person. I can’t wait to get me a pair.

  4. Jei AppleSeed on June 18, 2014


  5. Curt on June 18, 2014

    I agree with LaQuan. People are terrified to be the first, the pioneer. Its a wonder we ever made to america! If you google (your welcome google) the first zipper, they hated on it! Baaaahhhh sheep…and now? Lookie Lookie…I have these jeans and when I wear them out people gawk. Men and women and they always, always ask me the name of the brand and where they can them. I was lucky. I got to be part of a test market and have wearing them for a year. can’t even go back to my other jeans. I just CAN’t wear. I feel like my D!@#$ in a vice!

  6. Shane on June 18, 2014

    Mine just arrived. They did look different, cool different. I have to say I wasn’t sure but I have them on right now and they look really really hot! Not at all in your face like people think. Just really awesome. I feel good!
    Thanks THC, really

  7. Phil on June 18, 2014

    For centuries women have had the ‘emblems’ of their gender cantilevered and kept high and dry. Why not the guys? Any guy who has had to adjust themselves in a pant, jean, or even briefs knows what it is to feel squashed. Zippers and great inventions, but not when they snap up the tender bits!

  8. Tess on June 18, 2014

    I just recieved my order for my boyfriend, and he has always been a bit heavier so he’s use to baggy, not to snug, pants.. As soon as he put them on I immediately was impressed *wink* they fit him perfectly and he want on about how he honestly felt as though his “junk” was hanging loose because he wasn’t use to the non-restriction… He wore them out and he couldn’t stop talking about the relief of not having to adjust was.. I absolutely love them on him! And he said they were the most confortable jeans that he has ever worn!

  9. Sean on June 18, 2014

    I first saw these jeans when I saw some dude wearing them at the fair. I remembered thinking what a great idea. Got home an ordered a pair. They fit great. The ladies love em.

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