Center for Networked Learning nearing completion

Major building projects are underway this summer at Fort Hays State University, the biggest one under construction is the Center for Networked Learning.

“Currently under construction is the Center for Networked Learning, and we plan to move into the building probably mid to late July, to be occupied and ready for the fall term,” said Dana Cunningham, director of architectural services.

The final interior inspection is set for July 2, according to Cunningham. The CNL is expecting completion in August, after final landscaping and exterior work is completed.

An exciting feature is that the building is designed to bridge over the old bed of Big Creek.

“The city of Hays has been contemplating, rather than discharging all of their grey water in south Hays, they would use their existing pipes and bring it up around the bypass and discharge it into the branch of Big Creek behind the Robins Center,” Cunningham said.

The city hopes to recharge the old stream bed, and is planned to start in October of this year.


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In addition, the long running drought has actually helped in construction.

“In terms of building construction, it has helped construction by not dealing with water as they are building,” Cunningham said.

Last month, a partial final of first floor spaces were completed. Yesterday, there was a completed partial final of spaces on the first and second floor. The Physical Plant anticipates delivering furniture mid-July and beginning moving in thereafter.

“There’s all kinds of work taking place right now, from flooring finishes, painting, hanging doors, case work, and just a whole variety of work happening now,” Cunningham said.

The CNL, which costs in the ballpark of ten million dollars, will house the Department of Informatics, the Virtual College, and the Center for Teaching Excellence and Learning Technologies with approximately 35,000 square feet of space.

To get a sneakpeak of the CNL, click here.

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