Paul Davis for Kansas Governor

Paul Davis, Kansas House of Representatives Minority Leader, made his campaign for the democratic challenger for the Kansas governor official Thursday, with the filling of required paperwork Thursday.

Davis announced his campaign for Governor in September and announced his running mate, Jill Docking for Lieutenant Governor of Kansas, in October.

Davis attended Lawrence public schools and later received an undergraduate degree from the University of Kansas. He then later earned his law degree from Washburn University. After earning his law degree, Davis owned his own law firm, Fagan, Emert & Davis, where they practiced business and family law.

In 2003, Davis joined the Kansas House of Representatives and throughout his years in the House he was elected as Kansas House Minority Leader in 2008 and has been working politics and with the public school system ever since.

“Kansas has a long tradition of moderate, commonsense leadership – both Republicans and Democrats – solving the problems we face,” Davis said in a press release. “We share a commitment to our kids and their schools and an understanding that businesses have diverse needs to grow and create jobs. It’s time for Kansas to once again focus on the right priorities and restore our commitment to our future.”

Sam Brownback, incumbent Kansas Governor, released a statement on his website shortly after the news of Davis by welcoming him to the race.

“I welcome Paul Davis to the race. He is an Obama-style Democrat. Kansans will recognize the sharp contrast between my policies as a Reagan Republican, reducing taxes and increasing family income, and those of a liberal Democrat who supports increased taxes and federal intrusion including support for Obamacare. Kansas is building on its heritage and leading the way to economic prosperity and opportunity,” Brownback said.

Davis announced back in September that he was planning on running for Governor and announced in October his running mate, Jill Docking for Lieutenant Governor of Kansas.

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