Hays planned parenthood closing

Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri announced Friday that the Planned Parenthood of Hays will be closing their doors June 30 to save its Wichita location clinic due to the appeals of court rulings.

The decision came in March when the panel of the 10th U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals overturned a federal judge’s ruling keeping Planned Parenthood’s funding intact while the organization challenged a Kansas law. That law required the state to first allocate Title X, a federal financed family planning program, money to public health departments and hospitals leaving no funds for family planning clinics.

Court documents show the nonprofit clinics (Hays and Wichita) were still operating at the loss of funding before losing the extra $330,000 annual funds from Title X.

With Planned Parenthood closing contraceptive services for women making them less available, the Fort Hays State University Student Health Center has a risk of getting more women patients in the fall semester.

“I am sure we will see an increase during the fall, however we do services that Planned Parenthood would do at student rates, but we only can service students and faculty members because we are a campus provider,” said Melinda Wells, Student Health Center Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner.

The Hays Planned Parenthood clinic manager and nurse practitioner will lose their jobs, while no staff at the Wichita clinic will be cut. Planned Parenthood of Hays will continue to serve patients until June 26 and close its doors for good June 30.

The Planned Parenthood office in Hays will close its  doors June 30.

The Planned Parenthood office in Hays will close its doors June 30.

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