Snow in Hays good and bad

The copious amounts of snow covering Fort Hays State University’s campus are a sure sign of a snow day, right? Not exactly.

Pulling out the heavy coats and snow boots to trudge to campus and be marked “present” in class is what Tori Brass, Coldwater sophomore, did. “After about a week of trekking through the snow, I’m ready for it to melt,” Brass said.

A more positive point of view was given by, Adam Moritz, Hays senior. “Well, the snow is good for me because I made money shoveling snow for my neighbors,” Moritz said.

But not all students see the snow as a horrible occurrence.

A majority of students, though, really are bummed about not having at least one whole snow day.

A split opinion was given by Marie Schaller, Wichita senior. “We needed the moisture so this snow has been a blessing. It made it hard to get around though. We got part of Tuesday off, and it might have been nice to start school at noon or so on Wednesday, in order to give extra time for the roads and sidewalks to be cleared,” Schaller said.

Construction workers were really working hard to get the snow cleared for all the students and staff at FHSU. Schaller also mentioned that campus did a good job of clearing the sidewalks and walkways off.

See photos from the the snowstorm last week.
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