Board of Regents Fred Logan visits campus

This morning Fred Logan, Chair of the Kansas Board of Regents, answered questions in front of a large turnout in the Fort Hays State University’s Memorial Union. The Board of Regents governs all six Kansas public universities.

He opened his remarks saying, “I want to thank you for what you do,” to all the staff and faculty at FHSU. “The institution is strong,” Logan said, before opening to questions from audience.

After an initial audience question, Logan defended the way Kansas Universities, and FHSU in particular, market the price of education at their institutions. “Some people are amazed we do this,” Logan said. Other systems have statewide price structures, and in Kansas that model does not best serve its constituents.

“I think we are affordable,” Logan said, about the price at Kansas Universities. Five of six universities in Kansas saw a freshmen enrollment increase. “That tells me we are at market.”

Following another audience question Logan defended the Board’s decision to continue paying outgoing FHSU President Edward Hammond after he will step down from the presidency in June. Given his tenure and the unique situation with the three modalities of FHSU education, international, virtual, and on-campus, it will be important to continue to maintain the work Hammond has done, and the Logan said the Board felt justified to continue to pay Hammond for his work at a full presidential level while working with the new president as a consultant. Logan said Hammond’s salary will be paid fully by FHSU.

Logan also spoke about the upcoming search for FHSU’s next president after being asked about the process.

“The search process at this point is completely confidential,” Logan said. The Board asked the search committee to keep details confidential in order to ensure no candidate is discouraged from applying.

The first step for the search committee, Logan said, is to compile a presidential profile containing 3 to 5 candidates. The committee is charged with completing the process by April 22. Candidates emerging from the search will interview with the Board in May.

“We are going to get good candidates for this place. I anticipate a really hard decision,” Logan said.

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