Studio 653: An exhibition of works by BFA Studio Art Majors

On Friday, December 6, 2013, Studio 653 Exhibition will open in FHSU’s Moss-Thorns Gallery of Art, with a reception, to which all are invited. From 7-9 PM, exhibiting student artists and their instructor will host visitors to a celebration of the completion of these students’ Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree program.

In the Bachelor of Fine Arts program, with students emphasizing one of the disciplines of studio art, the culminating experience course for them is ART 653, Professional Development/Studio Art. The essence of the course is to help prepare the studio art graduate for life in the arts after graduation.

For some, that means graduate school, generally the MFA program, often at a larger institution than the one where the baccalaureate degree was awarded. For others, their pathway is into some facet of the art world where they will go directly to work for, a gallery, a corporate creative department, a museum, an art handling firm, or other involvement in the creative world.

ART 653 involves such concerns as resume development, honing communication skills, and art presentation. This last component is one that offers a great opportunity for the students, that of conceptualizing and producing their own exhibition.

In a previous year, the class and its instructor hit upon the idea of adapting the course number to become part of the actual title of the exhibition, ergo, Studio 653. It has a contemporary feel and implies a real-world exhibition venue, not institutional at all. Now, the challenging side of having a hip sounding title to your exhibition means that the artwork shown has to measure up to it title. No small or easy task.

Students produce every aspect of the venture, with the oversight and aid of the instructor; it is truly a group effort. From deciding how many pieces to exhibit, how to afford hiring musicians for live entertainment, to figuring out a menu and beverage for the opening reception.

The current Studio 653 Exhibition includes painting, ceramics, photography, sculpture, drawing, and multimedia artwork. Students have worked hard at deciding just what of their output to display, many working on pieces right up to the deadline that will be representative of their current passion, or maybe obsession, in process and imagery and concept.

One unique and exciting addition to this year’s Studio 653 Exhibition is a video of each of the class members working on their art, done up in an arty black and white silent film appearance. It will be projected on a wall of the gallery at the opening reception, with the hope that it capsulizes the diversity of disciplines and is also a worthy creative stand-alone effort.

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