Hays Symphony Chamber Orchestra performs Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons”

This concert was performed at the First Presbyterian Church on October 26, 2013. The concert begins with the Smoky Hill Chorale conducted by Dr. Terry Crull and accompanied by Ms. Pam McGowne. The concert begins with the Chorale performing “3 Quatrains from the Rubiyat of Omar Khayyam” (00:18) by Houston Bright. They next perform “Pick a Bale O’ Cotton (4:45), and American folk song arranged by Roger Adams.

After a brief intermission, the Chamber Orchestra begins with Concerto No. 1, “La Primavera” (Spring) (10:20). Soloist for this concerto is Mr. Nathan Mark.

Concerto No. 2, “L’estate” (Summer) (22:45) features Ms. Denise Blem as the soloist.

Concerto No. 3 “L’autunno” (Autumn) (37:12) features Ms. Naomi Kitzis.

Concerto No. 4 “L’inverno” (Winter) (50:45) features Mr. Matt Means.

The narrator is Dr. Lane Weaver.

The sonnets were composed by Antonio Vivaldi and translated by H.S. Robbins Landon.


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