Science Cafe is Back!

The acclaimed series on science and mathematics is back, July 16th 7:00 pm! Science Cafe is excellent opportunity to experience the vibrant downtown culture in Hays, while learning something a long the way from some of the brightest minds at FHSU. An international movement, Science Cafes are opportunities from students and community members to sit down and speak with scientists and professors about advance in science and technology and how they are changing our world. Topics of Science Cafes in Hays have ranged from social media usage, to nature conservation, to astrobiology.

This week’s presentation will be over Relativity, Gravitational Waves and Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO). The guest presenter will be Amber Henry, a Fort Hays Physics Grad who is now the Educational and Outreach Coordinator for the LIGO-Hanford Observatory. The Mission of LIGO is to detect gravitational waves of cosmic origin. These waves were first suggested by Einstein’s  general theory of relativity. We aren’t really sure what all that means here at TMN, but you can bet were interested in finding out more!

Science Cafe is hosted at Gella’s Diner, found on 11th street in Hays. Were certainly looking forward to hearing more Science Cafe! You can find out more from their FHSU page here.

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