On the evening of April 10, FHSU Seniors in Dr. Gordon Carlson’s COMM 490 Capstone class held an Open House to showcase the Institute for New Media Studies in Malloy Hall. The Open House was to celebrate its successes and to raise money for student scholarships.

Students putting on the Open House taught guests about many of activities they’ve worked on. Attendees were excited to learn about technologies such as 3D programs, touch screen games and Virtual Reality headsets. Also a focal point was the 3D printer in action.

Guests were greeted with smiles and refreshments as well as the opportunity to win raffle prizes donated by local businesses to the Institute of New Media Studies.

The Institute of New Media Studies was able to raise almost $1,300 that all goes towards student scholarships. The event took place on April 10th.

To learn more and donate, you can visit the institute online.

For TMN, I’m Jordan Hester

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