TMN takes a look at Summer Movies: 2017

Some people prefer to spend their summer days outside enjoying nature and other people. Others, like myself, couldn’t imagine anything better to do with my summer days like sitting in a dark movie theater and watching some of the years most anticipated movie releases. That being said, here is a list of the hottest movies coming out this summer!

Alien Covenant: May 19th

The Alien franchise is hoping to gain back the admiration of the fans that were disappointed with their 2012 film, Prometheus, with their newest installment, Alien: Covenant. It seems to have the same aesthetics as prior Alien movies, focusing on the darkness of space and the mystery of the unknown.

Annabelle 2: May 19th

Annabelle, a possessed doll, made her original debut in the 2013 movie The Conjuring. She has been scaring audiences ever since, even sparking her own franchise. Though her first movie, appropriately titled “Annabelle”, was a disappointment to some, this prequel looks promising. We hope that the in-depth look at Annabelle’s back-story will shed some light on her very dark story.

Wonder Woman: June 2nd

A lot can be said about last spring’s Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, but almost everyone agreed that Wonder Woman was a great addition to it. In preparation for the upcoming Justice League movie, Wonder Woman’s independent movie is looking to be an action-packed blockbuster.

Book of Henry: June 16th

The Book of Henry has slid under the radar of the mainstream, but looks surprisingly fantastic. This movie follows a gifted boy and his family as they try to save a girl who lives next door to them from her abusive father- who is also the Police Commissioner.

The Beguiled: June 23rd

At first, I was not sure what to think about the trailer for The Beguiled, but after watching it a few times, I am quite excited to see it. Colin Farrell’s character, a wounded civil war soldier, is taken in and cared for by a family of women. As the trailer progresses, he seems to romance each of the women, and is then subjected to some sort of sadistic imprisonment.

Spider-Man: Homecoming: July 7th

Spider-Man has had many re-imagining’s put onto the silver screen in recent years, but the newest rendition looks to be the most promising. Already appearing in Captain America: Civil War, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man finally gets his own independent film, going up against Michael Keaton’s Vulture.

War for the Planet of the Apes: July 14th

The rebooted Planet of the Apes franchise is still going strong with two movies under its belt, as looks to keep up its success with War of the Planet of the Apes. This trailer looks fantastic, and I enjoy when Woody Harrelson portrays an antagonist (see Seven Psychopaths).

Dunkirk: July 21st

Dunkirk is going to be this summer’s war-movie blockbuster. Portraying a group of Allied soldiers in France during WWII, this film focuses on the soldiers drive to survive when the Axis forces attack their perimeter. Forcing the Allied forces to retreat to Dunkirk, this film will show the struggles of war, and the Allied forces persistence to remain strong in the face of death.

Atomic Blonde: July 28th

Wow! That’s all I have to say about this trailer! Directed by David Leitch, who also directed John Wick and is set to direct Deadpool 2, this British spy film looks promising to say the least. The action looks reminiscent of the John Wick series, with music that matches the trailers tone. There isn’t much hype for this film right now, but I am certain that its popularity will rise in the weeks prior to its release.

IT: September 8th

Stephen King’s IT terrified children and adults alike when Tim Curry made a name for himself in the 1990 miniseries of the same name. The upcoming rendition looks to be just as terrifying as the original, with Bill Skarsgard dawning the make-up of Pennywise the Clown. Though many fans will compare this to the masterpiece that was the original miniseries, I am confident that IT will terrify audiences and, hopefully, be this year’s best horror movie.


For TMN, I am Kraig Pierce.

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