Starting April 9th, FHSU Students working on campus began using Workday and their TigerNetID and Password to clock into their campus jobs. Students and other employees are stepping away from paper time sheets to an online way of logging their hours and the benefits look to be numerous.

Faculty reps and supervisors no longer will be responsible for printing out time sheets, collecting time sheets and making sure all of their workers have their time sheets signed.

For students, especially students that work independent of a desk job that have their time sheets regularly available, can easily clock in at their convenience when they walk into work. For students that work jobs away from their time sheets or punch cards can now clock in from their phone and no longer have to rush in by 9:30 make sure they have all their hours in.

Hourly student workers will check in and out for each shift. At the end of each pay period, students will need to submit their time sheet and verify their work. The manager is then in charge of approving the time sheet by the end of the day Tuesday after the end of the pay period. Below are PDF and Video explaining how to do this. You will need to log in with your TigerNetID to look at these documents.

PDF: How-To Guide Hourly

VIDEO: Hourly Students How-To

Salary student workers will log into Workday at the end of their pay period and submit their time sheet. An Exempt Certification block will auto-populate the salary of the student’s time sheet on Monday. Students will need to submit their time sheet to verify their work, and their manager will need to approve the submitted time sheet by the end of the day Tuesday following the end of the pay period. Below are PDF and a Video explaining how to do this.

PDF: How-To Guide Salary

VIDEO: Salary Students How-To

If you aren’t a student worker, but are still interested in learning about Workday, you can click here to view the FHSU Workday website.

Through more research, there is an app available offered in the Google Play Store and the App Store. It is set up similarly to the mobile site. The app offers students and even easier way to clock in and out without having to find a computer.

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