FHSU to Host “Remember the Titans” coach Herman Boone

On March 14th 2017, Herman Boone will speak at the Beach/Schmidt Center for Performing Arts at 6pm. He will speak about rewarding experiences like being a coach and helping others overcome the intolerance of race. He will also tell his story through the experiences he had.

Herman Boone was a coach at TC Williams High School in 1971. The concept of race was really high during the time and schools were just beginning to integrate into learning institutes of mixed race. The movie Remember the Titans, was inspired by the concept of a mixed race school and people of mixed race coming together on the field as a football team. The team was undefeated and won around thirty championships. Herman Boone will forever be remembered for this achievement and continue to inspire others.

This event is part of the embrace Difference Campaign developed by the Center for Civic Leadership. Students must have their tiger cards in order to attend, but the event is free for all.

For TMN News, I’m Shannon Mahon

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