Clarification – Coach Craig Shaw

For TMN News, I’m Jordan Hester

Early today, TMN published a story about FHSU Women’s Soccer head coach Craig Shaw accepting a coaching position at another institution.   I apologize for sharing information that was not officially released yet.

I have been at Fort Hays State University for five years.

In that five years, I’ve been a part of many different organizations on campus, but the most exciting and most fun time I spent here was competing on the Women’s Soccer Team.

Last night I released information that was not official from the FHSU Athletics Department. My intention was to congratulate Coach Shaw. I’ve known Coach Shaw since my freshman year of high school, almost 8 years ago when he was still at Ottawa University.

When he accepted the head coaching job here at FHSU, he had contacted me to play here during my junior year in high school. I remember my first recruiting trip when I fell in love with this school and I remember being so excited to be a Tiger.

In my freshman year, Coach Shaw gave me the opportunity to do well, succeed and help my team win the MIAA Tournament as well as gain berth to our first-ever trip to the NCAA Division II Tournament. My time on the team was not always easy, but it was an experience that I believe has shaped me and will continue to be beneficial to me and I can credit that to Coach Shaw.

I do wish Coach Craig Shaw the Best of Luck in his future seasons as a head coach.


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