The Center for Student Involvement at Fort Hays State University has different curriculums that all offer different services such as; The Quest Leadership Curriculum, the World Ready Curriculum, the First Forty Days Curriculum, the Healthy You Curriculum, and a Career Development Curriculum. Each provides students with skills that they could essentially apply to their future jobs and lives.

The Quest Leadership Curriculum offers students leadership development. One of their qualifications includes them to attend a guest speaker by the name of Spencer Stone.

According to Brittany Squire, Senior Administrative Assistant for the Center for Student Involvement, “He’s going to be speaking at 7:30 in the Memorial Union Black & Gold Room on Tuesday, September 13th. He’s going to be talking about his experience. What is unique about Spencer Stone is that he is a United States Airman. He was on the train to Paris that underwent a terrorist attack one year ago. He and a couple of his buddies stopped that terrorist and he was injured in the process. Upon returning from the States he was recognized by President Obama and given a Purple Heart. He’s going to talk to the students about what it means to be a leader and how to embrace those roles.”

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