Town Hall to Discuss Gun Legislation

Recently Kansas legislation changed the policy about carrying guns on campus, and it could be an understatement to say there are mixed feelings about it. The American Democracy Project and the Student Government Association are putting on a Town Hall meeting on Tuesday March 29th at 7:00 pm in the Memorial Union Ballroom to further discuss the topic.

The event is open to students, faculty and community surrounding Fort Hays State University. The purpose of the event is to give insight on the new gun legislation that takes effect in 2017. They will be discussing how the policy will be implemented on the FHSU campus and their goal is to create a dialogue so people may voice their concerns, questions, and opinions about it.

Town Hall meetings are important to effectively communicate the concerns and opinions of a community in a structured way. Administrative assistant for the Center for Civil Leadership, Megan Garcia, says “We want the FHSU community to have conversations about the issues that will be affecting our campus and a town hall is a great way to start those conversations.”

The controversial topic of this new gun legislature has already sparked a significant amount of discussion in the state and national news. Now FHSU has given the students and staff a chance to discuss some potentially life changing legislature.


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