Superheroes arrive at Sternberg

As part of the “Adventures and Activities,” Sternberg Museum of Natural History will host “Science of Superheroes” Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:45 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. during the month of October.

During “Adventures and Activities,” participants will explore the scientific applications behind superheroes.

“The identities or the powers that these fictional heroes assume are based in reality,” said Ian Trevethan, director of education for Sternberg. “And the things that they are basing these powers off of are pretty cool to think about.”

The topics discussed at these programs are designed to help kids think critically about what they see in their world.

“I think everything begins with critical thought,” Trevethan said. “Imagination and wonder is sort of where real questions begin. These superheroes, that are clearly imagined heroes, do have a real world application and critical thought.”

People of all ages are encouraged to attend.

“I want people to come and just have a good time,” Trevethan said. “We can do scientific things and goof off and have fun at the same time.”

Snacks at the event are provided by Thea Haugen, manager of the Sternberg Discovery Room. Haugen also helps out with the hands-on activities.

David Levering, director of education for Sternberg, supervises the programs held at the museum and also helps with the activities.

To register for “Adventures and Activities” at the Sternberg Museum, please fill out the form at their website

View the themes for October

Oct. 7 – “Science of Superman”

Participants explored the power of flight. They were introduced to the fictional powers of Superman, then learned about different animals that can fly such as birds and insects. They also made “straw planes” to experience how things may glide or fly without wings.

Oct. 14 – “Power of Batman”

Participants will learn about the power of bats and why a superhero like Batman would want to possess the abilities of bats. They will also learn about how bats use echolocation and will make their own bat signals.

Oct. 21 – “Like a Flash”

Participants will learn about the power of speed in nature. Their superhero of focus is The Flash. They will learn how fast humans can run, what the fastest animals on earth are and how fast they can go. Participants will also look at the power of speed of sound versus the speed of light.

Oct. 24 – Friday Night at the Museum “Ultimate Superhero Costume”

This event will run from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Participants will focus on the elements found in superhero costumes such as bulletproof gear, what makes things heavy or light and what the actual cost of a superhero costume might be with all these elements applied. The activity will require participants to build their own superhero costumes.

Oct. 28 – “Don’t Worry Old Chum, There’s Plenty of Fish in the Sea”

Participants will learn about the abilities of sea creatures such as sonar and electro-perception. They will see how these powers apply to Aquaman.

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