Saturday, August 24, 2013 the first-ever TMN staff met to discuss student media at Fort Hays State University. Dr. Chris Crawford presided over the day-long retreat, kicking the inaugural semester off with great enthusiasm and sage counsel. Thank you Dr. C!! "TMN creates informative, entertaining, and engaging content for the Tiger Community." Meanwhile, time and news marches on and questions about the nature of journalism rage as people flock to political satire programs over the more traditional, serious media fare. Yes, news is news and journalists should do their best to present facts and happenings without introducing unfair personal bias. However, when topics are best suited to subjective analysis, why not inject a dose of levity, wit, humor, or even "gonzo" into the mix? We will go as we go, and history will provide witness as TMN vows to seek understanding then shine the light of understanding for all to see.